Fall Winter 2014

A seductive and exquisite name with an oriental tone identifies this fashion brand at its purest state. Richly filled with life and personality, it creates men’s fashion concepts thanks to constant, innovative research. It’s an advanced product line coupled with high quality manufacturing, detailed analysis and research into the collection favor refined with carefully selected materials. The palette is generally dark, black or greys with a slight hint of bordeaux, combined with uncanny fabrics like jersey, wool denim or with leather, combinations of new materials like neoprene to produce new versions of coats and jackets that maintain clean cuts and strong fits. The manufacturing techniques used on fabrics are new, such as prints applied to yarns, never missing are knitwear embellished through the use of ceramic printing, elaborate treatments and handmade treatments.

The wide array of fabrics influences not only the topwear segment, but also new production techniques can be found in denim and pants. They’re made in gabardine fabrics and printed shapes completely revolutionized by innovative treatments and washings that mix and match with slim fit fashion creations made with treated wool. The denim is presented under a new innovative formula in canvas treatments, in pre-washings, plated treatments, and dirty effects, all with fashion in mind.

The overall context of the collection are creative textures and small geometric designs thus creating a mood triggered by a design process combining words, visual experience, technology, designs with geometric shapes, people watching, of street life, of the world and hints of never seen before walks of life.

The collection creatively plays with minimalism, elaborating it in a completely new way, with strong and clean lines, softer fits, sharp and regular cuts, sometimes becoming asymmetric and oversize. This takes us into a forward thinking vision of life, creating fashion couture with an urban chic soul: masculine, aggressive, contrasting and imperfect, breaking the classic rules, turning them upside down, bringing back key elements of style genres currently in vogue and bringing them back to life in its own concept.